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Recommended for grades K-2

1. Throwing & Catching: Hold the scarf by the end, PULL it up into the air and let go. Grab it to catch. Try to throw, clap your hands, and catch. How many times can you clap before you catch?
Put one hand behind your back, and throw and catch with just one hand.
2. Body Catches: Throw the scarf up and catch it on your head. Try other body parts (elbows, shoulders, stomach, back, foot, etc.).

3. Rainbow Throw: Hold both hands at waist level, with the scarf in one hand. Throw it up so if flies over to your other hand, and catch it. Throw it back to your first hand. It should go in a rainbow shape. Students will often hand the scarf back to their first hand. Encourage throwing with each hand in turn.

1. The Number 11: Wave both scarves up and down in front of you, one at a time. What number does that draw? Wave them slowly. Now let go of them as you wave, one at a time. This makes your number 11 fly into the air. One hand throws, then the other.

2. The Circle: Hold one scarf in each hand. Throw one up, hand the other across, and catch. This makes the scarves go around in a circle. Throw, hand, catch. Have everyone freeze in mid-juggle and then change the direction of their circle. When students can make circles in both directions, have them do three circles clockwise and three counter-clockwise, and repeat.

3. Circle Tricks: After students have become comfortable juggling circles in both directions, challenge them with a few of these tricks:
  • Throw, hand a scarf under your leg & catch. Try under your other leg. Then try to hand back and forth under BOTH legs! See how many times you can hand under your legs before catching the first scarf.

4. The "X": This can be difficult for primary-age students. Emphasize slow throws.
- Start by having students hold the scarves in their hands and trace the X shape in the air without throwing. 
- SLOWLY throw the scarves in the X shape, and let them drop on the floor. Two throws, but no catches.
- SLOWLY make two throws and two catches in the X shape.

1. Holding 2 in One Hand: Hold one scarf in your fist. Make a pincher out of your thumb and index finger of that hand. Put the second scarf in the pincher. Practice throwing just the "pincher scarf" without releasing the other.

2. Juggling Three Scarves (the "Basic Cascade"): All throws will be in the X shape, and your hands will take turns throwing. Throw the pincher scarf first.
- Watch for students who hand scarves across instead of throwing them. Remind them to go slowly, and that their hands should take turns. Help students by standing behind them and gently guiding their hands to make the X.
- It is sometimes helpful for students to go back to practicing the X with two scarves.

3. The Two + One Pattern: This is a good trick for students who have learned the Basic Cascade with three scarves. Throw two scarves up simultaneously, one from each hand. When they reach the top, throw the third scarf up between them. Repeat. Two up, one in the middle.

1. Circle Toss: The whole class stands in a circle, and everyone holds one scarf. On signal, everyone throws their scarf straight up and then moves over one space to catch the scarf that comes down there.

2. Partner Scarf Tag: Each person gets a partner, and one of them tucks a scarf into a pocket or their waistband so it hangs out like a tail. The other partner chases him/her and tries to snatch the scarf. When they get the scarf they tuck it into their pants and resume play.

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